About us

In 2009 ATELIERAMSTRDM surprised people worldwide with a small collection of exclusive accessories made from python and lizard leathers. The clutches, tote bags, sandals and iPad sleeves that were presented are of high quality and innovative in form and colour. A combination of skilled craftsmanship and rich materials stood out and were soon available in beautiful stores from Paris to New York.

ATELIERAMSTRDM describes itself as a team travelling the world looking for inspiration and people with great creative power. There are no names or faces attached to it, the team is the strength. Over the years the brand has built a network of designers and stylists who they work closely with. Since 2011, the design team is led by a very passionate designer from Antwerp. The expertise she and the team have gained from several international labels come together in the collections of ATELIERAMSTRDM.

In the winter of 2011, the label launched its first garment collection for women, with success. The summer collection that followed has also proven itself. Key items are tough biker jackets from python leather, mohair woollen vests, oversized python bags and ballerina shoes in salmon skin. They are all made from the finest materials and in the elegant colours you may expect from a brand like this.
According to the head designer, the ATELIERAMSTRDM woman is best described as a woman who was born in luxurious Paris, lives in sexy Milan and works in ambitious New York. The International allure and stylish simplicity can be seen in every piece and carries the woman from day to evening without loosing its exclusivity.

ATELIERAMSTRDM is a label that strives for innovation, does everything a bit different and only uses the highest quality materials. The garments combined with the luxury accessories from the collection provide a complete look. This is exactly the result of a team’s passion and this reflects in each piece.